Health & Safety

“We have just launched our new health & safety training platform which enables staff to complete online courses before they arrive onsite. This has helped us streamline our training processes”

At OSS we are compliant with health and safety procedures and we provide safe work practice standards for all employees. We are committed to providing appropriate health and safety information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees in line with health and safety legislative requirements. We outline key responsibilities and expected standards in our safety statement and booklet, which is issued to all staff prior to commencing employment.

In addition, we adopt a philosophy of “Zero Accidents” and always work in conjunction with clients to create a hazard free environment. Nevertheless, we maintain the reporting of all accidents and incidents that occur on site, including “near misses”. Job specific instruction and training is provided where appropriate, together with information on site health and safety rules. OSS determines and implements preventative and protective measures to ensure the safety of all those working on site, allowing for emergency plans and procedures.


OSS is a member of NOEA

The National Outdoor Events Association is the UK’s leading outdoor events trade association.The association is dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the outdoor events industry through education, networking, lobbying, advice and creating business opportunities.

OSS is a member of Contractors Plus

Contractor Plus works with Top Recruitment Agencies and Contracting Companies in Ireland providing their professional contractors with tax effective and compliant solutions.

OSS is a member of NISO

NISO helps its members to promote and improve health and safety at work, builds relationships with other health and safety stakeholders, and contributes its expertise to better occupational health and safety in Ireland.